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Everyone enjoys a refreshingly cool drink when they go to a bar, but if you serve it up in a warm glass, then that’s a different matter. There’s nothing worse than having a perfectly chilled beer, soft drink or spirit ruined by the lukewarm touch of glass, so if you work with drinks, a glass chiller is a must.

Glass chillers will keep all your glasses nice and cold so that when it comes to serving up, your patrons can savour the full experience and enjoy their drink as intended. At United Refrigeration Pty Ltd, we supply a range of glass chillers which will deliver quality results every time.

Using only the very best technology and materials in all our products, we guarantee a high standard for all our customers. From single door to three-door models, we have something for everyone, so just get in touch if a glass chiller is what you need.

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Call us today on (03) 9357 1401 for more information about our glass chillers!

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